Birth Of The Jump Shot  LbNA # 72165

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateAug 20 2017
LocationGreenhill Cemetery, Laramie, WY
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Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedSep 4 2017

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 20 yards RT)
Status: alive

Ken Sailors grew up on a farm south of Hillsdale, Wyoming in the 1930's where he would occasionally play his older brother in basketball. Since two-handed set shots were the norm at this time he was continually blocked by his taller brother, until he tried jumping as high as he could and shooting one-handed. It worked, and the modern jump shot was born. Ken continued to perfect his shot and in 1943 led the University of Wyoming to the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. He went on to play professionally in the BAA and NBA and scored 3,480 points in his professional career. Sailors was inducted into the University of Wyoming Athletics Hall of Fame on October 29, 1993 and in 2012 he was named to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. He eventually settled in Laramie where he died on January 30, 2016 at the age of 95. He is buried at Greenhill Cemetery, where this box can be found.

From I80 go northwest on US 30 for about 3.5 miles, right on 15th St for about 0.5 mile then right into Greenhill Cemetery. Go right on row E about half way down and park by grave of Ken Sailors on right.

Walk to grave then go left 20 steps to grave of David G. Richardson. Walk behind bush on left side and find LB within trunks under pine cones.