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Pachaug Pipe  LbNA # 72194

Placed DateSep 10 2017
CountyNew London
LocationPachaug State Forest, Voluntown, CT
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedSep 10 2017

1. Walk from Chapman Field to the Mount Misery base. You will see a sign with Smokey Bear on it. Stand to the right of it. If you look straight forward you will see a tree with blue markings on it. Take the trail to the left of that tree.

2. When you see a big tree stump, keep going up the rocky looking path. Stay on the Mount Misery trail.

3. When you reach the first set of rock cliffs you're going the right way.

4. You will see a board walk. Go across it and keep following the trail.

5. When you reach the top follow the trail until you find a pipe sticking out of a rock.

6. Standing in front of the pipe with your left ankle lined up with the pipe and your right ankle in line with the ring on the cliff take 22 paces forward.

7. You should be facing a tree. The letter box should be within 5 feet of you.