Welcome to PrairyErth  LbNA # 7227 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 20 2004
Location???, KS
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 19 2004
Hike Distance?

Mystery solved! This Mystery box was archived in August 2006 after a decent amount of traffic and finally being lost. It had been located at the Matfield Green Sevice Area in the Flint Hills of Kansas, where it has been replaced by the Pigskin Stamp Stash.

I've updated the clues below with the mystery revealed.
Welcome to PrairyErth (this title comes from a book about Chase County, KS called PrairyErth (A Deep Map): An Epic History of the Tallgrass Prairie Country by William Least Heat-Moon.)

A luminary whose glory soared to the peaks of the Golden Dome (Knute Rockne) once landed in PrairyErth (Rockne tragically crashed in a nearby field in 1931) A shrine was erected, but today is cloaked among grass and barbed wire away from the public eye (there is a memorial at this crash site, but it is on private property). When three decades passed from the event, another was raised in broader view. This one disappeared, but another this spring took its place somewhere that rain can no more erode or wind destroy (a tribute to Rockne was replaced a few years ago with a nice multi-media display inside the service area).

Arrive at the site of the once and current cenotaph (service area). Walk to the suspended sphere (water tower) and face the direction of his Birth (Rockne was born in Norway).

Directly in front of you there is a set of cute triplets. The one on the right is hiding something at her feet. Look closely.