Spelled How?  LbNA # 726

OwnerD n' A    
Placed DateJun 9 2002
LocationGlendora, NJ
Found By DMC & Team
Last Found May 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Last checked: 5/24/05, box is fine.

Difficulty: Now not so easy, tree has fallen so go around or over, five minute walk from car. Some briars.

"Oh, we can make liquor to sweeten our lips
Of pumpkins, of parsnips, of walnut-tree chips."

-Colonial Song

Gabreil Daveis Tavern was built in 1756 to serve those traveling on the Timber Creek. Being a good Quaker, the only libation Gabreil Daveis served was ale. Oh yes, you could buy apples grown at the orchard hard by the tavern.

The tavern tour is interesting (Sundays 1 - 4 p.m. except during the winter). The tour is free, but donations are appreciated. Ghosthunters have claimed that wounded Revolutionary war soldiers were housed in the attic, which still bears the blood stains. The attic, however, is not on the tour and the tour guide will probably tell you that it never happened anyway...

After you've checked out the tavern, have a seat on the farthest stone bench from the parking lot. After you're done enjoying the shade, look way behind you and spy William Schuck. To the left of Mr. Schuck is a small path. Go down the hill to the auditorium. From the six upright pillars, take the small path at 90 degrees. Mind the stickers now. The way is passable, but painful to the unwary.

At the triangle of logs, continue at 90 degrees. When you come to the fork in the path, take the one at 35 degrees. Pass a large hole on your left. Just past the hole is a small path at 320 degrees. Continue down this path until it makes a sharp bend to the left. AHA! Another hole (280 degrees). From the hole, go 6 paces at 110 degrees. See the tree trunk arching so that the top and the bottom both touch the ground? See how the branches have, nevertheless, sprung up from the middle and are reaching for the sky? What a cool tree! Hug it. Check it out from all sides. Explore its crevices. It can be very rewarding, this tree hugging stuff.

D n' A