Leap Day Letterbox  LbNA # 7277

OwnerAgent Ink    
Placed DateFeb 29 2004
LocationMilwakee, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found May 13 2016
Hike Distance?


Number of boxes: 1
Time estimate: 1 hour
Nearest City: Greater Milwaukee
Terrain: This box is an easy hike with some bushwacking
Season: This letterbox may be difficult to find under heavy snow.
Notes: Please bring orange and blue pens / markers for the stamp.

The planet, the moon, and the stars align; itís time to leap again. In celebration of February 29, a letterbox has been planted in Greater Metropolitan Milwaukee.

Find Observatory Road and a back entrance to a park. Enter the park and drive down the short gravel road to a concrete parking lot. Your orbit begins near a little green one guarded by two people in blue chairs. Park your mothership. You have driven too far if the interstellar authorities loom large on the right. Start your search for the box by walking along your orbit past the birthplaces of young stars. Donít veer off in another direction as large asteroids spin on the right. Near a cosmic intersection you may feel fenced in by centuries of electric energy. Donít turn back and donít turn left or right; your orbit moves in the same direction as before. Five shining lights guide your way toward a gate to another universe. Orbits are lined with wood chips in this universe. Silver outlines a black hole. Take the orbit nearest the black hole, but donít get sucked in! A matter stream runs to the right. A short ways down the orbit, a bridge crosses the matter stream to the other side. Count the number of planks on this bridge: ( A: ). Return to your orbit and continue on your way to another cosmic intersection. Your orbit is the one at 295 degrees. Donít veer off at 25 paces onto a mysterious smaller orbit. Instead, follow your orbit for some distance. It turns left sharply and a matter stream again runs on the right. Follow the matter stream and cross at a bridge to yet another universe. This universe must also celebrate a winter holiday because the orbits are marked with evergreen and tinsel. Wind along the orbit to an old, very tall planet with two diamond shaped moons Ė thatís weird isnít it?? The orbit suddenly turns sharply left! You feel the pull along this direction. The box must be getting close! Another cosmic intersection tries to persuade you toward a universe where all planets are fenced in. Fight that magnetism and resist the fence. An old ghostly planet with many craters can be spotted just across a tiny bridge to yet another universe. Visit the planet if you wish, but your goal is not there. Instead, follow your orbit to another cosmic intersection and go left 30 paces. A tall, old planet is near your orbit on the left. Leave your orbit to enter the gravitational field of this planet. Pulled into this new orbit around the planet, you circle and circle and circle. When you stop, a small, mysterious path leads away from the planet at 245 degrees. You fling yourself down the path just like a spacecraft being hurled away from Earth toward a distant place. You wind and wind and wind past many planets and arrive at a bridge to another universe. Stop! Donít go in! Itís dangerous over there! Fire your thrusters! Turn around, and go back ( A ) paces. Another tall planet with a crater lies just to the left. This crater holds the box you seek. Stamp up, replace the box carefully, be sure the box is well hidden, and return along the path to the planet that you orbited minutes earlier. Follow the celestial signs from the cosmic intersection to return to your mother ship.