Fish Adventures - MIA  LbNA # 7289 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 29 2004
LocationPotomac, MD
Found By Tempus Fugit
Last Found Mar 28 2004
Hike Distance?

This box is currently MIA- Sorry! I will send out an e-mail when I replace the box.

Directions: From I-495 take the Clara Barton Parkway towards Carderock and Great Falls. Drive past Carderock and the Naval Research Center. When you come to the end of Clara Barton Parkway, take a left onto MacArthur Blvd, towards Potomac, MD. Drive past one stop sign. You will see a restaurant on your right, Old Anglers Inn. On your left are a couple of parking lots. Park either in the lots or on the side of the street.

Tips: Wear good shoes, Billy Goat Trail is very rocky. This portion of the hike may take maybe 30 minutes, but if you decide to hike all of Billy Goat Trail, it may take you about 2 hours. If you do take the entire hike, you will come out back at the tow path, further down from where you started. When you get back to the tow path, take a right and you will get back to the bridge and the area where you parked. This is a beautiful hike, be sure to watch for all of the wildlife!

The Billy Goat Trail is one of Punkinseed’s favorite spots in the DC metro area and she decided to take her boyfriend (fishfriend?), Muskellunge (Muskie for short), to see her favorite trails. After parking in the parking lot, Punkinseed and Muskie walked down the dirt road towards the river, past the lot where all of the kayakers gear-up, walked down the steps and across the bridge. Punkinseed and Muskie took a right onto the towpath after the bridge, so the C&O Canal was on their right and the Potomac River was on their left. Punkinseed looked down into the Canal and introduced Muskie to all of her freshwater fishy friends and to her buddies, the great blue herons and all of the little skinks. Punkinseed and Muskie walked along the tow path. They passed a big climbing rock on the left, lots of little kids were climbing all over it. The tow path started to curve left when they saw a little fish “house” in the middle of the canal. On the left, Punkinseed and Muskie saw the sign for Billy Goat Trail. They decided to take the hike. They took the dirt path and followed the blue blazes. Punkinseed and Muskie followed the path as it curved to the right and walked down the steps to a trickling stream. They stepped over the stream and followed the path up some steps on the right. At the top of the steps, they could see two blue blazes on rocks. The fish climbed over the rocks. Punkinseed and Muskie saw that the path curved to the right, but instead, they decided to go straight, up a small hill and over some more rocks. At the top of the small hill, they saw a cool tree that was actually three trees in one. From the three trees, they turned right and took 18 human steps (as opposed to fish flops) and came to a big rock on their left. Punkinseed and Muskie walked around to the back side of the rock and saw a tree growing right up against the rock. Punkinseed decided to leave a little momento between the tree and the rock, commemorating her hike with Muskie. Punkinseed and Muskie sat on the rock together and enjoyed the beauty of Great Falls.