Looking for a Pot of Gold  LbNA # 7295

Placed DateFeb 28 2004
LocationGold Beach, OR
Found By RougeRaven
Last Found Jun 12 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 8 2016

[Clue Update: The box was found under very large ferns across the path from the Sit Ups sign. No more Grants Restaurant, now Sunrise Family Pizza. The box needs adoption by a caring letterboxer. --Choi]

Paddy the leprechaun was driving his green Mini Cooper through Gold Beach on Highway 101 when he spotted a rainbow. He turned on Caughell Road across from Grant's Restaurant and followed it to the community park. He could see the end of the rainbow off in the distance and thought to himself there surely must be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in a town called Gold Beach. He started off on the paved path and walked past the white picket garden, the castle that looked just his size (making a mental note to check it out on the way back after finding his treasure), past the people chasing the yellow ball around, through the field of concrete picnic tables to the end of the paved parking lot. On the right he spotted a sign that read "Begin Rotary Club of Gold Beach Fitness Trail". Thinking that he would rather take a trail to his pot of gold than go crashing through the brush, he started off down the dirt path. He was glad of his decision when he saw the next sign, "Caution Poison Oak". "I'll just stick to the trail", he thought, "It would certainly put a damper on my spending spree if I had to go to the emergency room and get a cortisone injection and be put on prednisone for a week." He passed the log straddle and an arrow, crossing the road and picking up the trail again on the other side. He could still see the rainbow in the distance but he was getting closer. He passed the deep knee bend and came to a sign that said "Walk Lesiurely". "Who has time to walk leisurely?", he thought to himself, "I'm on a treasure hunt and I'll walk as fast as I want." He then passed a tree on his right marked "P.O. Cedar". "What does that tree have to be mad about?", he wondered. The next sign instructed him to "Walk Briskly", which of course he was already doing since he was closing in on his treasure and could hardly wait to dig his hands into that gold. He passed another sign with an arrow on it and then a short distance later he could see it - the end of the rainbow was shining on a fallen tree stump directly across the trail from the "Sit ups" sign. "At last I have found my treasure!", he exclaimed. He reached under the log and pulled away the moss-covered bark with great anticipation. "Hey! This isn't a pot of gold. It's a lousy plastic food storage container with some junk inside!" Disappointed, he stuffed it back under the log and went back to check out the castle. Maybe the day wouldn't be a total loss after all.