6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon  LbNA # 730

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Advisory - Films are guaranteed to not be suitable for all audiences.

Kevin meets the 1st Degree Thespian in a 1990 movie in which no one was eaten by a worm. In Movie Intersection 1, the 1st Degree Thespian lets Kevin know, “I would like to go next.” Kevin says, “Forget it.”

The 1st Degree Thespian is positively catty in Movie Intersection 2 filmed in 1996, and promises to write to the 2nd Degree Thespian.

The 2nd Degree Thespian is neither John Boy nor Mary Ellen, but close, in Movie Intersection 3. In this 1994 movie, the 2nd Degree Thespian and the 3rd Degree Thespian never meet. The 3rd Degree Thespian, however, demands “You - explain yourself.”

In Movie Intersection 4 from 1988, the 3rd Degree Thespian asks the 4th Degree Thespian, “What brings you here?”

In Movie Intersection 5 (2000), the 5th Degree Thespian remembers the spicy 4th Degree Thespian “vaguely”.

In Movie Intersection 6 (1999), the 5th Degree Thespian shrinks, but is never in a scene with the 6th Degree Thespian. There is a scene where the 6th Degree Thespian says “Now, I didn’t know what to do.”

In Movie Intersection 7 (1983), the 6th Degree Thespian is asked:
“What is this place?”

And that, indeed, is the question. It’s not what the movie claims it is...

(Hint: a search on the movie title might bring up a list of filming

At the plane (#994), drive east for 4.2 miles. Make a right onto the dirt road and travel .6 miles. Walk down the trail at 290 degrees. At the intersection, head south for 38 paces. On the left, find the 4 tree trunks. At the base, you’ll achieve one degree of separation.

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