Prometheus  LbNA # 7303

OwnerSteve and Heidi      
Placed DateMar 1 2004
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 26 2008
Hike Distance?


Prometheus is well known as the god who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the mortals. Few people know the real story; fewer have found him.

Long, long ago the great god Zeus ruled over the hearts of man. He sat high atop Olympus on his throne of eternity where he forged mortals from the flames of the fireplace and the three chimneys. His rule was absolute; his beliefs unforgiving. Zeus expected nothing but the best from his fellow immortals atop the mountain.

Prometheus, a fellow immortal, despised Zeus and wanted nothing more than to help the mortals. Late one evening while Zeus hammered away at the newest creation on the anvil, Prometheus entered Zeus's realm. He passed the lookout and lurked in the shadows while Zeus dilligently worked through the night. Prometheus quietly crept into the workshop and lit his torch; he then crept off quickly into the night having stolen a powerful element. Prometheus knew he could not pass the guards while stealing fire....especially in the dark of night.... so he took the long way home. East up the grassy hill, then north on the route equalling thirteen. Finally, Prometheus travelled back west towards his holme in the forest where he hid from Zeus.

Walking north on the gravelly path toward his shack near the corner t, Prometheus became curious as to the power he had just taken from Zeus. He lowered the torch to the ground on his right and set a large field ablaze, watching it char the trees. He continued north between high cliffs and pondered his actions. "The mortals", he thought "might not be brave enough for this magic". At any rate, the deed was done. He had stolen a powerful resource from the king of the land. Prometheus strayed to the left and continued to ponder "why?".

The only fault in this plan, was Prometheus' carelessness in starting the fire in his field; Zeus could see the smoke and knew what he must do. He sent Hepheistos to teach Prometheus a lesson. Hepheistos dragged Prometheus out of his house and chained him up to the stone wall in the northeast corner of the yard. Once the fury of Zeus had ebbed, the leader himself made his way to Prometheus to unleash some anger. Zeus arrived at the shack of Prometheus and toppled it with one blow. The only thing left was the roof and a pile of rubble. Zeus had spared Prometheus, but proclaimed that the thief remained chained in the gap of the stone wall for all eternity to pay for his defiance.

You can still find Prometheus at this gap in the wall. He occasioanlly seeks shelter from the elements, but a small cairn marks the area above him. Many blessings to those who make the journey.

Alive and well 9/1/04!

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