Bloom Where You're Planted  LbNA # 7320 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 16 2004
LocationSilver Spring, MD
Found By girlguides
Last Found Oct 6 2004
Hike Distance?

Bloom Where You're Planted

November 11, 2004 Update: Box has been temporarily pulled for maintenance. I found it scattered around with the stamp but no logbook. I will replace it, and update the clue when it's back in place.

Sligo Avenue Neighborhood Park is a small urban park at the corner of Sligo Avenue and Piney Branch Road in Silver Spring, MD. It’s only a block long, but has a basketball court, tennis court, community rec building, playgrounds, and a bit of woods. From downtown Silver Spring, take Sligo Avenue east. Make a right on to Valley Avenue (which, as of the planting, did not have a street sign) and park in the small lot near the white building. If you miss the turn, make a right at the light at Piney Branch, a right on to Mississippi Ave, and a right on to Valley.

From your car, take the sidewalk along the front of the building to the south. At the corner, go due east to the intersection of two chain link fences. If you need a break, now’s a good time to rest. When you’re ready to keep going, walk at 235° to a large red and blue object. Think back to your childhood, and do what you would have done when you were 6. Once you’ve finished, directly ahead of you, about 44 steps away, is a big tree on the outskirts of the forested area. Stand at its base and look to 130°. 23 steps away you’ll find a tree with a heart-shaped hole in its side (updated 4/12/04: the tree is now about a 4' stump; other trees in the park were also cut down but the letterbox is still there!). Inside is the treasure you seek.