Blue Lagoon (Iceland)  LbNA # 7332 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 29 2004
LocationGrindavik, Iceland, ICE
Found By skier4444
Last Found Apr 18 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

[Box was reported found without it's stamp. -Choi]

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most visited tourist attraction. A beautiful lagoon in the midst of a field of lava, the color of a robin's egg. The minerals in the water are wonderful for your skin. The day we were there, the air temperature was only about 3 degrees C (about 37 F), but the lagoon was a wonderful 38 C (100 F). It was heavenly.

To commemorate our visit to Iceland, I had to place a letterbox, and where else but at the Blue Lagoon? This box is very quick, so hopefully anyone who manages to visit will be able to get it, and still be able to spend plenty of time soaking!

From the second row of cars in the parking lot, there's a small trail to the South side among the rocks (if you face the flags and the Blue Lagoon sign, it should be on your right). Go on the straight trail to the base of the pile of rocks. To your left are two rocks that look like steps and are frequently used as such (judging from the dead moss on them). Go up these two, then turn slightly right. On your left is a rock with a sideways T-shaped crack in it. Climb the rocks until your feet are level with its base. Look left - the box is in a crack between this boulder and the one on top of it. It should be covered with small rocks that are easily moved out of the way.

Although I already plan to return to Iceland, I probably won't be able to maintain this box regularly. Any updates on its status would be greatly appreciated! And if you want to share your Iceland experience, that would be great too! tenrec_girl AT yahoo DOT com Thanks, and happy hunting!

To visit the Blue Lagoon's website, go here .