The Picture Perfect Letterbox  LbNA # 7337

OwnerAgent Ink    
Placed DateMar 6 2004
LocationWaukesha, WI
Found By Jigsaw
Last Found Sep 12 2005
Hike Distance?

THE PICTURE PERFECT LETTERBOX NUMBER OF BOXES: 1 TIME ESTIMATE: 1 hour NEAREST CITY: Waukesha TERRAIN: This is an easy hike on paved trails with minimal bushwacking. SEASON: This letterbox is all-season and winter friendly. NOTES: Please bring brown and green markers for stamping.

CHECKED: This box was REPORTED MISSING on 8/26/06. This message will be removed once the box is confirmed in place.

Find the park that seems to wrap around the name of this letterbox. One entrance is near a playground with a blue telephone. Add each of the individual digits of the highways that are accessed when a car leaves this park entrance together and record your answer as: (A: _____). Park your car and walk to the blue telephone to begin your search for the box. You will see a large picnic shelter to the left. Count the number of poles supporting the long sides of the shelter and record your answer as ( B: _____). Walk between the playground and the telephone to the water’s edge. Stop on the cobblestone path. Turn left. Walk along the cobblestone path to a small bridge. Subtract the final two digits of the bridge’s construction year and record your answer as ( C: _____). Follow the cobblestone path under a pagoda to a place where banana peels are sold. Count the number of wings that spread from the center beams of two water structures at this place and record the answer as ( D: _____). Follow the cobblestone path some more. The path takes a quick jog at a big willow tree. Keep following the cobblestone path to a point where seven benches bow out. Here, at the water’s edge, are concrete posts. Count the number of posts and record your answer as ( E: _____). The path again guides your way -- come on, sing along “follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the cobblestone road.” At the waterfall, look left. Count the number of letters in the name of the apartment complex and record your answer as ( F: _____). A bridge allows you to cross the water. Do so now. The cobblestone path goes in many directions at the other end of the bridge. Curve around the end of the bridge to view the waterfall from a black pole between two concrete posts. Count the number of wings on the water bug. Hey! --- is this a “Dragon”-fly? Walk toward a white sign with people and machines and branch right down the cobblestones to an embedded sidewalk sculpture. Using the feet as your guide, estimate the distance between the big tree and the hospital. Your answer should end in two or three zeros! That’s right, you don’t have to be THAT precise. Record your answer as ( G: _____). Locate the intersection of the train tracks. Get your bearings, reverse your direction and start across the city toward that point. Just kidding. Instead, look above the intersection of the train tracks on the sculpture. You will see an arrow pointing to the airport. Walk along the arrow and down the cobblestone path in that direction. Follow the cobblestone path to a sign that describes the park. You know you want to sing it again. Go ahead! Indulge yourself while you walk! Note the time the park closes and record your answer as ( H: _____). Multiply the number just to the right of the ordinance decimal point by the number immediately behind in parentheses and record your answer as (I: _____). Follow the cobblestone path at water’s edge to a pagoda. Stop underneath the pagoda. Look to your left. You will see a chain-link fence. Walk to the fence and record the number corresponding to the first word of the fence sign as number ( J: _____). Turn right. Walk ( J ) paces along the fence line. Try to be inconspicuous when you are watched by the men working in the factory on the other side of the fence. Whistle, look at leaves, watch birds, or pretend to talk on your cell phone. Be sure not to snag yourself on barbed-wire while being inconspicuous. After pacing, take a bearing of (J – A) degrees. Spot an old metallic object and walk to it. You might have to bushwack a bit. Now, look at numbers (A) through (J). Sesame Street fans should sing along: "Some of the things belong together. Some of these things are one and the same. But one of these things is not like the others! Now it’s time to play our game! " Determine the number that is not like the others. Walk that many paces from the AAR end of the metal object to a tree. The box is hidden in the trunk. Stamp up – remember, be inconspicuous – return the box, and then pace back to the sign on the fence. Stop at the sign. If you’re interested in what a geo-cache looks like, look at the big tree just behind your left shoulder. Return to the cobblestone trail. Continue in the direction you were traveling and cross the next bridge over the water to find your car at the park entrance.