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The Painted Turtle  LbNA # 7356 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 7 2004
LocationHighland Park, IL
Planted ByD    
Found By Kiddy Writer
Last Found Jan 16 2006
Hike Distance?

Painted Turtle
Highland Park, IL

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30 minutes or less
Place: Walter Heller Nature Center
2821 Ridge Road
Highland Park, IL

Starting Directions: The Walter Heller Nature Center has a wonderful Web site at, which contains full directions to the place and lots of supplemental information on all it has to offer. This clue starts from the main parking lot at the end of the driveway.


To find the rare painted turtle one starts out at a old wooden cabin, taking the green road and following it past a honey rich area. Sticking to the green path, stay right on the green where it meets a red arrow. Keep heading down the path, till you get to a crossroads with bench, and there take the rightmost path. Continue on down the path staying right a good ways till you’ve passed a pointed house made of sticks off to the right. A little ways away you’ll see some fallen trees on the right. Living in the biggest and longest of these fallen trees is the little painted turtle happily within one of the hollows.

Happy hunting!
D (w/ some picoesque help)