Washington on the Brazos  LbNA # 7360 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 5 2004
LocationNavasota, TX
Found By ωildflower
Last Found Jun 10 2007
Hike Distance?

Washington on the Brazos Park

DIFFICULTY: Easy, flat. Muddy if it has rained. Wear appropriate shoes for wet terrain. Hike may be long for young children.

CLUES: Stop at the Headquarters and pick up a map. Leave the headquarters through the back doors and take the trail to Independence Hall. Just past Independence Hall take the trail to the right and check out the overlook to the Brazos River. Continue along the trail to the pond and turn right on the trail there. When I placed the box water was flowing over the trail here--be prepared. There were sticks laying on the trail to walk over. (Only about 3 inches of water) Once you pass the pond the trail turns left and then loops back around. Take the left and follow the trail to the picnic table on the left. Just to the left and behind the picnic table is a "scrub brush/tree".
You will know it when you see it. On the back side of this "scrubby thing", at the base under sticks, leaves, and bark you will find the Washington on the Brazos letterbox.
WATCH FOR: thorns, creepy crawlers and ants! Gloves would be handy. There were lots of deer tracks but I was not there at the right time of day to see the deer. Let me know the status @ harland@pnx.com.