The Mermaid  LbNA # 7366

Placed DateMar 8 2004
LocationFlorence, SC
Planted Bythe Dawg Pound    
Found By Photo Treckers
Last Found Feb 28 2015
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by The Mermaid and adopted in October 2007 by Dawg Pound.

For those who have already found the Mermaid, she now has a new pet. It is a hand carved stamp. This should be logged as a seperate stamp.

Our little Mermaid is very shy. She lives off Interstate 20 in Florence not too far from an area called Five Points (where six roads meet). Go south on Cherokee. Turn right onto Edisto, make another right onto Hillside Drive. Jeffries Creek Nature Park will be on your right. Park at the Wisteria entrance and enter the park. At the playground go left, go across the bridge and walk until you cross two bridges. At the fork, turn left until the paths meet again. Veer left and walk until you can cross the concrete bridge. Walk to the gate (another entrance), look around to the right and you will see some stubby stone towers. FIrst you will pass by 1 large tower keep walking and you'll pass 2 sets of 1 large tower and 1 small tower. Soon you will come to a set of 2 large towers. Beside the towers, you will see a rotten tree laying on the ground. The mermaid and her new pet are hiding behine the log. Be careful to replace everything as you found it and not let anyone see you find the box.