Community Coffee  LbNA # 7403 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 6 2004
CountyEast Baton Rouge
LocationBaton Rouge, LA
Found By M&8 X
Last Found Aug 7 2005
Hike Distance?

Community Coffee Letterbox:

Louisiana's cherished Community Coffee Company is steeped in tradition as rich as their coffee. As the largest family-owned retail coffee brand in the U.S., the company’s roots grew from a small country store in Baton Rouge where more than 80 years ago, founder Henry Norman 'Cap' Saurage brewed his popular coffee.

The red-bagged coffee became such a draw, that he named it Community in honor of his loyal friends and customers. Cap eventually turned his attention away from the grocery store and devoted all of his time and energy to making great coffee.

Today, Community Coffee Company is so much a part of people’s lives and spans so many generations that it has been dubbed the State Coffee of Louisiana. Before or after hunting for this letterbox, stop by the nearest CC's Coffee House and grab a drink. Locations can be found on Highland Road, Siegen Lane, Jefferson Highway or even within the Mall of Louisiana. Pick up an iced drink to bring with you, or a hot coffee if you want to sit for a while!

To find the letterbox that reminds me of lazy picnic days relaxing and sipping on frozen Mochasippi's, head to Highland Road Park. This park is located at 14024 Highland Road. Take Interstate 10 to the Highland Road exit. Travel south approximately 3 miles.

You will go into the park through the back entrance, which is off of Amiss Street. Amiss runs perpendicular to Highland Road, and it will take you through a neighborhood, where you will turn right to find the park entrance. Park near the playground.

To find the letterbox, walk through the playground into the park and pass between a large stump on your left and a wooden sign on your right. Head towards a clearing where you will see a small wooden bridge in the distance. Don't go directly to this bridge, but instead you should walk near the tree line to your left side. Be sure to watch out for "Ultimate Frisbee" players that may be everywhere you look in the park. Unfortunately, the letterbox is on this route, so you may have to be patient for their game to go by.

On your left, you will see a much smaller (and probably muddier) wooden plank that makes a tiny bridge onto a dirt path. Walk across this plank and look for another small trail to your left, within the trees. At the start of the trail, walk about 15 paces to a large fallen tree. Walk underneath two fallen branches that will hang above your head, to the large fallen tree.

This tree has many branches that are twisted together. Look for two fallen branches that both touch the ground in the same place, and find the Community Coffee letterbox hiding between the branches on the ground, covered by bark and leaves.

Be sure to re-hide the letterbox well, and don't leave any coffee trash in the park!