The Golden Hill Trail  LbNA # 741 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 27 2002
LocationPomfret, CT
Planted ByGarou    
Found By butterfly
Last Found Nov 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Originally placed by The NeeDeeps and adopted in November 2007 by Garou.

The Golden Hill Trail Letterbox
(Pomfret, Connecticut)
Rating Moderate
Placed by Lenny/Kathy THE NEEDEEPS
Placed 10-27-02
Distance 1 mile

(Don't Forget The Clues For Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places)


At the intersection of 44 and 169 in Pomfret Center turn onto 169 north. Then go about 1/4 mile up and take a right onto Day Rd. Travel all the way to the end of Day Rd., you will come to a stop sign. Take a right onto Needles Eye Rd. Go up towards the stop sign. On the left you will notice a white sanctuary sign and room enough to park a few cars on the grass.
From the stop sign cross the street. There will be a white sign saying Walking Trail. This is the entrance for Golden Hill Trail. Go into the field and go to your left. Follow the trail all the way down the edge of the field. Eventually the trail will bend to the right and you will go up a hill. (in the fall notice all the golden leaves on the trees. There is no question why they call this the Golden Hill Trail). Half way up the hill on your left you will notice a tree cut in half with 2 sisters growing out of it. (at this point turn around and look off at the beautiful farm house. The view is worth the walk). Continue on the trail. Then there will be a path that bares off to the left. DO NOT TAKE -PRIVATE PROPERTY. Continue up a little more and you will see a sign with an arrow pointing into the woods. Enter the woods at this point. Pass through the stone wall. To your left you will see a couple of big oak trees growing near a big boulder. Also notice the dark blue blazes on the trees. Keep walking until you get to a arrow trail marker, just keep going straight down the hill around the bend, to the right. You will come to another arrow marker sign and stay straight here also. Soon you will bend to the right and go down a hill with rock ledge on your right and left. The trail will bend to the left around some rock ledge and so will you. The trail will start getting a little rocky here but it gets better after awhile. Soon you will cross a tiny stream on a bridge made of stone. The trail will bend to the right. There will be a rock about a foot and a half high in the middle of the trail. A little further the trail will bend to the left and you will pass through a stone wall. Then the trail bends to the right and you will pass through another stone wall. Go through the wall and go down on the left side. You will come to a tree with 2 sisters. From this tree you will take 7 paces over a dead log down the wall. Leaning at the bottom of the wall you will see a flat stone shaped like an arrowhead. The letterbox will be behind these rocks in the stone wall.
After rehiding go back out to the trail and continue on. The trail will loop around to the right. Cross over a small stream bed over some rocks. Then pass through a couple of stone walls. The trail will bend to the left and then back to the right going uphill. You will come to a T with an arrow marker sign. Make a left here. This will put you back on the same path you came down. Follow the path all the way back to the field. Go to the right and follow the edge of the field all the way back to your car.
Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.
...Thursday, October 31, 2002