Piney Woods  LbNA # 7410

Placed DateMar 12 2004
LocationJasper, TX
Found By PrattFamily777
Last Found Mar 23 2013
Hike Distance?

DIFFICULTY: Easy, flat trail

DIRECTIONS: From Jasper take US 190 East 12 miles to Hen House Ridge Unit of Martin Dies Jr. State Park. Drive to the headquarters to pay and get a map. When you leave the headquarters head back out of the park to the last trail on the left. This is the 1st trail on the right as you enter the park.

CLUES: This trail switches back and forth through the marsh. It is quite a nice walk. Start counting your foot bridges. You will cross 4 foot bridges. At the fork in the trail turn left and walk 50 paces. Then turn left into the woods for 10 paces to a large cypress tree. At the back of the cypress between two roots you will find sticks sheltering the Piney Woods Letterbox. Please replace the sticks the same way you find them. Thanks.