ANNA  LbNA # 7422

OwnerThe Weathergleams    
Placed DateMar 13 2004
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Anna was the object of many a young man's attention. Sophisticated and elegant, Anna could also be difficult and demanding. For some, Anna made life miserable. So, these young men (all sons of one fostering mother) swore together that they would see Anna laid in the grave. And this they did.

Over and over and over again...

To Solve this mystery you must first visit Anna's graves and then retire to a quiet place where the secret can be whispered. Perhaps Longfellow, Hawthorne or Chamberlain can guide you to the starting Point, for they were all sons of this same fostering mother. Bring these clues on paper, a compass and a pen, and BE DISCREET: this mother's children can be very curious and her youngest may be watching...

Begin on the Quadrilateral, at an upright Rectangular Solid with four spires. Find its Base, face the entry and walk left. Turn left and then right to find the Circle. Move clockwise around its Perimeter and look left: there are Anna's graves. After paying your respects, return to the Circle. With your back to the ring, face the golden sun forever rising. Turn left and proceed down the sidewalk. Walk right and then left until you meet the king of the north. Behind him, Find the Slope and follow the row of Rectangles. Turn right and locate the Line man. Enter the lot beyond, cross it, and exit at right. Take the nearest crosswalk to the other Side. Turn left and walk on, passing the resting place. Ahead, two crosswalks in a Line lead to a white house. Follow them across and keep going straight. After the second house there is very plainly a driveway on your right. Although it looks private, you may enter. Proceed to the rear and Find the sign of the pines. Follow the trail (make sure not to miss the Acute Angle to the right after the first arrow), and go left at the T. Go right between the great oak sentries. Continue on. When the Parallel Lines appear, keep them on your left. Eventually, a large trail comes in from the right. Take this right and follow it to a Point about 15 steps before another trail joins from the left, and look right. About 9 steps off the trail there is an interesting log. Here, if the coast is clear, the pines may whisper Anna's secrets to you. When you understand, REHIDE CAREFULLY. When you choose to leave, continue on the original path, and you will return to familiar surroundings.

The terrain is all easy, and the roundtrip distance is probably about a mile and a half. Have fun!

The Weathergleams