Coalton Community Cemetary  LbNA # 7432 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 12 2004
LocationAshland, KY
Found By kstar
Last Found Jan 23 2010
Hike Distance?

From Interstate 64, Exit 181, turn left onto US60 East. From Ashland, follow US 60 to Route 966, approxiamately 11 miles. Turn on Rt. 966. Cross the Railroad tracks, go across the concrete bridge.Take the first road left after crossing the concrete bridge. This is a gravel road, and goes between 2 houses, and up to the cemetary. When you top hill, bear to the right and continue to the forks of the road. Take the left fork, and park at the picket fence. Don't try to follow the road past the tree, as it is dirt and very rutted.
Start at the east corner of the picket fence, and take a bearing of 134*. Walk 19 paces(1 pace equals 2 steps). Take a bearing of 235*, and then walk 18 paces. You should now be at an old pine tree. Letterbox is at the base of the tree, well hidden, I hope.
Please bring a pencil and ink pad.