Beware the Fish, Hawks and Fish Hawks!  LbNA # 7465

OwnerJohann Panholtz    
Placed DateMar 15 2004
LocationSavannah, GA
Found By LuckyBois
Last Found Nov 9 2011
Hike Distance?

Beware the Fish, Hawks and Fish Hawks!

If you can find your way to the heart of Savannah and the Chatham County Public Works and Parks Services headquarters, you are well on your way.

Hint: you can sail here, walk, fish, run, play basketball, sunbath, play tennis and venture onto the island.

Letterbox location: Proceed counter-clockwise around the lake until you find the health trail chin-up (or is it a pull-up?) bars. At the next bend in the trail turn right away from the lake, but if you get your feet wet in the canal you've gone too far.

Look for the hillside and conduct your search from below. The ammo can is well-hidden under lots of leaf and pine straw litter on the ground next to a gum tree when I last saw it. Hopefully, it does not migrate from there. :)

Dec 2005 UPDATE: New everything; also, it is now a geocache hybrid IN AN AMMO CAN.

Hint: You can be seen from the trail, but the container can not.

Enjoy! I saw your regular ducks and geese, plus some anhings, coots, and a mated pair of osprey. The one fish I saw was in the talons of the hawk after it finally got it out of the water.