The Hidden Ankh  LbNA # 747 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 23 2003
LocationLancaster, OH
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Greenfield Lake Recreation Area, Fairfield Co., Ohio
NOTE: You will need to bring a pen and an ink pad!

THE ANKH: In ancient Egypt, only kings and queens were allowed to wear the sacred symbol called the Ankh. It represented life and eternity, and indicates that the king or god holding it had the power to give life, or to take it away.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From Columbus, take U.S. 33 South toward Lancaster. Turn Left on Coonpath Rd.(There should be a traffic light) Entrance to park is .8 miles from the 4-way intersection with Election-House Rd.

CLUES: From parking area, take west trail. At junction, turn right. The path will wind up and down small hills and will silghtly veer left or right. Ignore the small paths leading directly to fishing areas. The path will become smaller and then reach a small junction. To the left is a small path to the lake and a bog, the right path leads further into the woods. Go right, and count 35 paces. Look right for a large, double-poled power line support tower. From the easternmost point of tower, take a reading of 48 degrees. Walk in that direction for 25 paces, then look for a large pile of old, dead logs. Between two small trees in the eastern side of the pile is the letterbox. The box is covered with logs and twigs, so you might need to poke around a bit to find it. This is a new location just a few meters from the old location. It had to be moved due to park maintainence.

E-mail me to report any damage, or just to let me know how it went.
Imothep The Discoverer