Clackamas County Park Series - Rub-A-Dub  LbNA # 7490

OwnerBookworm (WA)    
Placed DateMar 15 2004
LocationOregon City, OR
Planted BySleepy Whippet    
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This box's status is unknown. This is a box planted by Sleepy Whippet and adopted by Bookworm. The box has not been confirmed missing or active. 4/20/15

When I began this series it was to hide boxes, in the Boring area, that are things you do when you are bored. However Boring itself has limited places to hide and since Boring is in Clackamas County this parks series was born.

There are 6 county parks in Clackamas County. They are Barton Park, Metzler Park, Feyrer Park, Eagle Fern Park, Hebb Park and Carver Park. I am hiding a box from this series in each of these parks. When you can show me that you have collected all six boxes I will let you stamp into the Clackamas County Park Super Bonus box that I will carry with me.

Directions: This box is hidden in Hebb Park.
Hebb Park is located on the Willamette River just downstream from the historic Canby Ferry. Take I-205 to Exit 3, Stafford Rd, and head south on Stafford Rd. Proceed .9 miles to Mountain Rd and turn left. Proceed 3.7 miles on Mountian Rd to the sigfn for Hoffman Rd and Hebb Park. Turn left and proceed .7 miles. Make a sharp right turn on Riverwood Dr. Proceed .5 miles and turn right on SW Riverwood Drive, turn right and go to Hebb Park Rd, continue veering right to Hebb Park.

Clues: Facing the "Ranger" hut take the paved path to the right. From a place to sit, a path on the left. 36 steps down this curving trail, 258 degrees magnetic to a hole in a tree broken by storms long past lies Rub-a-Dub.