Mandan Heron  LbNA # 752 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 23 2003
LocationOmaha, NE
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

NOTE: Missing 3/07

Like all herons, this one chose to roost in a tall tree, close to water. The walk to this box definitely lays to rest the myth that Nebraska is flat. This hike may involve some creative trailblazing. Since you will also encounter an active railroad line along the way, this may not be the best place to bring rambunctious kids or dogs.

To the trailhead: The entrance to Mandan Park is located at 13th and Harrison close to the Bellevue city limits.

To the letterbox: Once inside the park, find the shelter with three walls and a roof that provides no refuge in a storm. From this point take the trail at 30 degrees magnetic to a grassy clearing. Find the four non-conformists holding needles but cannot sew. From the smallest of this quartet take the trail at 80 degrees. After walking through walls of stone count 125 steps. At this point make a hairpin turn downhill, continuing along an eroded stream bank. Your goal is the railroad track down below. Walk southeast along the tracks until you see eight oranges suspended in midair. With one of these floating directly overhead, take a compass reading of 10 degrees to the tallest riverside tree, perfect for a heron rookery.

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