Letter at Laurel  LbNA # 7558 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 21 2004
LocationSandy Hook, KY
Found By WVMtnHermit
Last Found Jul 1 2006
Hike Distance?

Follow Rt. 7 from Grayson, Ky., past Grayson Lake , to Rt 32, app. 17 miles. At Rt32, turn left. Go app. 2 miles, and turn left at the sign which reads "Laurel Gorge Cultural-Heritage Center." Take the first gravel road to the right. This leads to the Welcome Center.
You must visit the Welcome Center and sign the guest book. Go outside to the trail, which starts to the right of the building. You will cross one boardwalk, and then follow a dirt trail. When you come to the second boardwalk, stop. Take a bearing of 190* and walk 5 paces(1 pace = 2 steps.)Then, take a bearing of 105* and walk 12 paces. You should now be facing a large rock cliff. There is a large tree root growing between the rocks. At the uppermost curve of the tree root, there is a small shelf to the right. Here you should fine the Laurel Letterbox.