Constitution Trail #3  LbNA # 7564 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 22 2004
LocationNormal, IL
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Hike Distance?

It would help to go to the Normal Parks & Recreation Office at 611
South Linden Street in Normal, IL, and pick up a Constitution Trail
map for free.

*******This box is still where it is supposed to be; to find it, "think outside the envelope", go beyond the beaten
path a little bit, descend if you feel you must.

Difficulty: moderately easy, kid-friendly with adult supervision

Start: Normal Parks & Recreation Office Parking Lot
(just south of the office building)

Clue #1: Find the park maintenance building sign.
Proceed up the hill on the trail and you'll be fine.

Clue #2: It's not really a "T", it's a "Y" in the road.
Take the path to Allers' Shelter and lighten your load.
(Remember the year of dedication ________.)

Clue #3: Go north to the "T" and amble right.
Continue to the "Y" and amble right.

Clue #4: When you come to the "T", go towards the street.
Remember the trail grand opening year _______,
for the sake of your feet.

Clue #5: Find the "Town & Country" for a busy view.
Remember the load limit _________ too.

Clue #6: Go back to the rail's beginning, and do the math.
Load limit - grand opening - dedication - 5988 =
"# of paces" for off the beaten path.

Clue #7: Take the rail's beginning on the branch side,
and go "# of paces" steps toward the "Town & Country".
I am here. Replace me well.