Brown Mountain Ghost Lights  LbNA # 7572

Placed DateMar 21 2004
LocationLinville Falls, NC
Found By Green Therapy
Last Found Mar 12 2006
Hike Distance?

(Please do not put this boxes into plastic bags. Thank you.)

A micro-box.
4WD highly recommended on VERY rough but popular road, then an Easy-medium short walk
Spectacular views
Compass needed
Do not attempt in wet conditions.

Planted by MountainScorpia, Alan, Baguette La Coquette, and Annie

Verified still in place 7/23/06.

The Brown Mountain Lights date back to pre-European invasion times...the indigenous people of this area saw them. Early settlers saw them. People still alive remember seeing them when children. They've been spotted in recent years. No one knows what they are/were. They've been studied, "explained," and un-explained: as swamp gas, as train or car headlight reflections...but there's no swamps here, and the Cherokee didn't have trains or An old-timer who saw them described them as glowing balls that rose from the gorge, seemed to float towards him, then disappeared. Arguments still stew about the best weather conditions to sight them. If you want to try, come at night, but don't try to find the letterbox then!

Don't go to Brown Mountain!
Visit the "wise man" to view the gorge.
Read at the podium, then turn your back to it. Keeping the podium site aligned with the table of rock, walk 300 degrees through trees and over large fallen stem til you see hollow evidence of fire.
From there, about 11 short paces at 310 degrees to a slivered chewed stump.
From there, about 20 serpentine paces through woods at about 280 degrees to path crossing. On the roundish white rock, the path is right 330.
Follow down the not-really steps til you see the dead Ent straddling the skinny wet above the fractious edifice.
Carefully probe the belly for a cocoon...