Chantress  LbNA # 7601 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 23 2004
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado springs, CO
Found By Music Lover
Last Found Jan 11 2009
Hike Distance?

"CHANTRESS" letterbox, "planted" March 23, 2004. Total distance is about 1 mile. This is a city park, so dogs must be leashed. It’s an interesting walk for children—lots of nooks and crannies and beautifully-colored quartz and sandstone. Wear gloves and take a trash bag to pick up cans and broken glass.

In north Colorado Springs, exit I-25 west on Woodmen Road, which turns right at the light after the bridge. Go 2.5 miles, passing the "cow on the fence", until you see the "Peregrine" sign on your right, opposite where Orchard Valley turns left. Drive on Woodmen Road, noticing on your left Woodmen Park, passing a playground and tennis courts. Turn left on Orchard Path, toward Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School. Take the first left into the Staff Parking lot, and park there.
Walk east up the ridge over erosion baffles in the path. Veer right on the main trail, passing a big red rock with green lichens, and go over "dead tree hill" (tennis courts are downhill on your left). Pass "cyclops" rock on your right (it has one "eye"). Pass a tipped over rock and a thronelike stone formation.
Pass a trail down to the ballfield on your left. Pass a single standing stone on your right, and go downhill over more erosion baffles in the path. You’ll come to a crossing of many trails, and will see the playground down to your left.
Continue ahead, veering right around the base of a large cluster, "Rocky Top". Stop here and look back west at the single standing stone: you will see it seems to have an open mouth. Continue around the base by following the path left and steeply uphill. On your way notice the "window" in the frilly scalloped tops of the stones. Finish circling this big bunch of stones and return to the crossroads again. Now the playground can be seen downhill on your right.
Go back uphill, over the erosion baffles, and approach that single standing stone. This is the CHANTRESS, singing out over the valley and homes. Stand by Her and sing a little song.
Lean your back against the south side of the Chantress. Take 50 small steps south to the tall, 35 foot pine tree. The Letterbox is nestled at its base, covered with a stone and bark. Write a note and stamp your stamp.
Kindly re-nestle the box and cover it with the bark and stones so it’s hidden.
There are many more "menHers" or standing stones along this ridge. Just a few yards further along Woodmen Road is the entrance to Mt. St. Francis, the grounds of which you may walk around also. Further along Woodmen Road is the new Blodgett Peak trailhead. Enjoy !