Valley of the Falls  LbNA # 7618

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateFeb 29 2004
CountySan Bernardino
LocationForrest Falls, CA
Found By LocknKeyLovers
Last Found Feb 18 2015
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BOX #1 Missing

WARNING: The Big Falls Letterbox is at 6000 feet and may be inaccessible during parts of the winter do to snowfall. Requires crossing of the Creek and some uphill hiking. Moderate to easy.

From Interstate 10 in Redlands, exit University Avenue and go North a few blocks and turn right (East) on Lugonia Road also known a state Route 38. Stay on the 38 (Note: the road name changes from Lugonia to Mentone Blvd), for approximately 7 miles, where the road curves to the left (just past Bryant Street) in front of a ranger station. You may be able to purchase a $5 day-use wilderness permit here, or wait until you get closer. Continue up Route 38 from the ranger station for about 6 miles and turn right onto "Valley of the Falls". At the end of the road (little over 4 miles) turn left into the Big Fall Trailhead Parking lot and park. If you have not already gotten your Adventure Pass, you can still go get one back one mile at the Elkhorn General Store, right next to the only restaurant in town.


From the Back Left (Northwest) corner of the parking lot set out on the 1E13 trail. Follow this poorly marked trail along the South bank of Mill Creek for about five minutes. As you past the Blue-Gray house on your left (First House) find a place to cross over the creek to the North Side where the canyon wall gives way to a flat area. Take the trail up the right side of the falls, past the Hazardous Area sign, to the end where the protective railing is and enjoy the view. The letterbox is 6 feet up from the creek bed, in the rock wall, just under the first (lowest) vertical railing post. As always try to be discreet, and hide it when done, there are many people who hike around in this area.


This is a quick and easy bonus box to pick up on your way back out. Return down "Valley of the Falls" to the stop sign at Route 38 and pull off the road and park if traffic is light. On Route 38 about 100 yards in either direction there is a pull out that you can park in. From the corner by the stop sign, walk 70 paces East along the roadside, and turn left (north) and walk to the "FORREST HOME" sign. The box is under the left side of the large boulder, about 6 paces East from the back side of the sign, covered by smaller rocks.

After stamping, you may want to cross over the roadway from the sign to get a better view of the Monkey's Face. At the roadway’s water runoff by the large Black and white marbled rock. The Monkey's profile can be seen part way up the left side from the valley at the top. NOTE: Dead tree on right side not as prominent as seen on stamp.