I Smell a Rat  LbNA # 7633

Placed DateMar 28 2004
LocationWaldwick, NJ
Found By NJ Queen Bee
Last Found Jun 21 2008
Hike Distance?

(Just so you know, there is no ink pad in this box and you must beware! There are lots of nosey people in this park, especially on weekends. Please make sure the box is re-placed and re-covered with leaves and stones when you are done.)

Ben found himself in Walwick, in the parking lot across from the Waldwick pool, on Hopper Ave. Facing the pool, he walked to the left across a bridge. Directly after the bridge, to his left, he saw a trail. He walked along the trail, passing a waterfall on his left. There was goose-grease everywhere beneath his feet. Grumbling to himself, he pressed onward. He passed two gazebos on his right, one miniature, and one full-sized. He followed the trail past the playground, resisting the urge to jump on the merry-go-round. He could see his destination from here, but he was not quite there. The trail led to a driveway of sorts and there Ben turned left. Passing the first baseball field, he came to a stone bridge. After the bridge, he made a left. He passed by the long-abandoned exercise equipment and followed the trail to the right, along the shore of a stream. He passed by two stone structures, on either side of the trail, and proceeded to the tip of the peninsula. Then he turned left and followed the trail along the other, smaller stream. Eventually, Ben came to a tree that had fallen across the path. Scrambling on top of this tree, Ben looked to his right. There he saw his home, the rat's nest, in the hollow bottom of a tree.