Railfan Stamp  LbNA # 7639 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 15 2005
LocationFt. Mitchell, KY
Found By Kim Possible
Last Found Nov 4 2010
Hike Distance?

Directions: Take exit 188 (Ft. Mitchell, Dixie Highway) off of I-75. Turn south on Dixie Highway. Make a left at the white entrance gates of Highland Cemetary (directly across from the Kroger and Expressway Plaza). Bear to the right after you enter the Cemetary to find the trail entrances and the Pet Cemetary. Information 859-331-3220. You want to find the main entrance to the trails. The main entrance is on the left side of the road. The raod widens slightly to allow parking.

The main entrance has an arch over it covered in vines and a mailbox next to it. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Inside the mailbox you will find a sign in sheet, sign in if you wish, and you will also find maps. YOU NEED A MAP. If you wish, you can e-mail me and I will send you a map either by mail or e-mail. My e-mail adress is joekoehlphoto@yahoo.com.

Railfan Stamp p.1

Once you have a map, find the Spring House Sign along Trail Six (6). Once you reach the Spring House Sign, stand facing it. Then, turn around 180 degrees. Walk off the trail four (4) paces (1 pace = 2 steps) until you reach the embankment. Turn to your right 90 degrees. Then, walk three (3) paces and stop. Turn 90 degrees to your left. Straight ahead in front of you is a small, split tree with a hollow trunk at the bottom. In the front of the hollow trunk is a hole blocked by a small, lightly colored, triangular rock. Look inside the tree's trunk. The box has to come out through the top.

Railfan Stamp p.2

Find and make your way to the Steffen House Sign found on Trail Two (2). Once you are there, stand facing the sign. If you have a compass, take a reading due South. If not, basically walk past the sign just to the left of it. Walk for five (5) paces (1 pace = 2 steps) off the trail. This should put a dead log right in front of you. Look inside the downhill end of the log.

Railfan Stamp p.3

Find on the map and make your way to the Leopold Bench. Starting from directly behind (above) the bench, walk six (6) paces directly uphill away from the bench. There will be a bush or two you'll have to force your way through. Once you've made your six paces, turn 90 degrees to your right. Then walk three (3) paces. Turn 90 degrees to your left. Then walk four (4) paces. These last four paces should be uphill again. The last four paces should also place you in front of a large single trunk tree with a stack of flat rocks at its roots. Look under the large flat rock on top. **Please do your best to replace the rocks as you found them. **

Railfan Stamp p.4

Locate on the map and make your way to the Twin falls. I would recommend taking a few minutes to sit down and just listen to the water fall, and enjoy the peace. Then make your way to the westernmost point on the trail. This is the point where the trail turns and heads back in the direction it came. From this bend in the trail, look straight uphill. There will be a log lying on the ground coming right at you. Go and investigate the uphill end of that log.

I would like to stress replacing the boxes just as you found them as there are four stamps that make up the bigger picture and I always worry about some jerk finding the boxes by accident and making all my work and the work of all those who have sought the boxes, in vain. Also, both the stamp and notepad in each box is in two sandwich bags and then rubber banded. This is for a reason, please replace the stamps and pads as you found them. I know this all seems like common sense, but I've found too many boxes and opened them only to encounter the stench of rotting paper and stamp ink. Thank you in advance, have fun, and enjoy the (long) walk through the woods. Remember to take water if it's hot and take it easy out there. Take your time and enjoy the natural world.