Thumper  LbNA # 7642

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OwnerBookworm (WA)    
Placed DateMar 28 2004
LocationZig Zag, OR
Planted BySleepy Whippet      
Found By(hidden)


This box's status is unknown. This is a box planted by Sleepy Whippet and adopted by Bookworm. The box has not been confirmed missing or active. 4/20/15

Today was a stunning day to go shoot some photos of Mount Hood. While I was there Ileft this little Easter friend behind.

Take HWY26 to Zig Zag and take Lolo Pass Road (it only goes one direction)from the second bridge go 4.8 miles to a small turn-out on the left hand side of the road.

Take the small trail to the right of the stream - 24 steps up to a boulder. Under the edge furthest from the road lies thumper.