NJ Physiography 101  LbNA # 7660

OwnerCahillys of Dumont    
Placed DateMar 24 2004
LocationStokes State Forest, Sandyston, NJ
Found By NJ Carole
Last Found Oct 14 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 19 2015

A Note About the Stamps – The five stamps which make up the NJ Physiography series, when stamped next to each other, in order, depict a map of NJ. There are two stamps per box: the background shape, in a pale color; and the label, in black. The boxes may or may not have ink, as I am removing them as they are reported damaged. BRING YOUR OWN INK to be sure.

The boxes do not need to be located in any particular order, but they need to be found consecutively. For example, if you do 103 first, you can then do either 104 or 102 next. You could not do 104 and 102 first and then try to squeeze 103 between them. All five boxes are placed somewhat near Rt. 206, and driving directions start there, for those crazy enough to try it in one day.
The series would make good field trips for NJ homeschoolers teaching state studies to fourth graders. (been there). For a comprehensive explanation of the physiographic regions of NJ, please visit:

The Ridge & Valley letterbox (101) is in Stokes State Forest. Where Rt. 206 passes through Culver’s Gap in the Kittatinny Ridge (New Jersey’s only Appalachian Mountain), turn onto County Rt. 636E. Make the first left towards the Sunrise Mt. Overlook. Immediately bear left into the parking lot. This hike takes us about 45 min. uphill and quite a bit less on the return.

From the North corner of the lot, enter the Appalachian Trail and head west, following the white blazes back to Rt. 206, across it, and up the mountain. The trail is quite rocky and steep just past the highway, but then follows an old roadbed and is much easier. When you get to the blown-over tree stump on the right,bearing the AT blazes, turn right and follow the yellow/brown blazes. Continue through the switchback to head SW again and go to the utility pole. Then head for the rather solitary boulder at 20 degrees. From the boulder head 86 degrees to the cedar tree. Take 5 steps at 286 degrees; the box is under the red rocks at your feet.
After stamping in, rejoin the yellow/brown trail on the ridge and head ENE to the lookout rocks. After looking out, you’ll find the trail again below you to the SSE.