NJ Physiography 102  LbNA # 7661

OwnerCahillys of Dumont    
Placed DateMar 24 2004
LocationLong Valley, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Dec 22 2011
Hike Distance?

A Note About the Stamps – The five stamps which make up the NJ Physiography series, when stamped next to each other, in order, depict a map of NJ. There are two stamps per box: the background shape, in a pale color; and the label, in black. The boxes may or may not have ink, as I am removing them as they are reported damaged. BRING YOUR OWN INK to be sure.

The boxes do not need to be located in any particular order, but they need to be found consecutively. For example, if you do 103 first, you can then do either 104 or 102 next. You could not do 104 and 102 first and then try to squeeze 103 between them. All five boxes are placed near Rt. 206, and driving directions start there, for those crazy enough to try it in one day.
The series would make good field trips for NJ homeschoolers teaching state studies to fourth graders. (been there). For a comprehensive explanation of the physiographic regions of NJ, please visit:

The Highlands letterbox (102)is located in Schooley’s Mountain County Park. From the Junction of Routes 513 and 206 in Chester, take Route 513 SOUTH. Continue for approximately five miles until you reach the center of Long Valley. Turn RIGHT, onto Route 517 WEST, and proceed up Schooley's Mountain past the Washington Township Municipal Building. A short distance past the Municipal Building, turn RIGHT onto Camp Washington Road. Pass the entrance to the Lodge approximately one half mile off Route 517. Bear RIGHT onto Springtown Road. The entrance to the park is on the RIGHT.

Make your way to the trail running along the SW edge of the parking areas. Take the path up the hill to the left. Follow white blazes until the Patriots’ Path turns right. Take the yellow trail ahead of you. When you find the bench, sit for a minute, then head down the trail towards what you see. Turn around, sit on the big rock, and then glance to your right to a big stone between and beyond two trees. Go to the stone and to its right you will see a bent tree. The box is in the big space between its roots.