NJ Physiography 105  LbNA # 7663

OwnerCahillys of Dumont    
Placed DateMar 27 2004
LocationChatsworth, NJ
Found By Sleeping Kitty
Last Found Oct 21 2007
Hike Distance?

A Note About the Stamps – The five stamps which make up the NJ Physiography series, when stamped next to each other, in order, depict a map of NJ. There are two stamps per box: the background shape, in a pale color; and the label, in black. The boxes may or may not have ink, as I am removing them as they are reported damaged. BRING YOUR OWN INK to be sure.
The boxes do not need to be located in any particular order, but they need to be found consecutively. For example, if you do 103 first, you can then do either 104 or 102 next. You could not do 104 and 102 first and then try to squeeze 103 between them. All five boxes are placed near Rt. 206, and driving directions start there, for those crazy enough to try it in one day.
The series would make good field trips for NJ homeschoolers teaching state studies to fourth graders. (been there). For a comprehensive explanation of the physiographic regions of NJ, please visit:
The Outer Coastal Plain Letterbox (105) is on the Batona Trail, near Apple Pie Hill. (You may want to do some research on both of these before going) From Rt. 206 take County Rt. 532 east towards and through Tabernacle. Make a right onto Ringler Ave., between the broken stone pillars. Where the paved road bears left onto Applejack Rd., stay straight, entering a sand road. Stay on this main sand road through the curve and across the crossroad, also sand, keeping the guardrail to your left as you drive up Apple Pie Hill to park at the foot of the fire tower.

Note: Access to the fire tower and its parking may be restricted Summer 2006 - Start your search on the Batona trail as close to the hill as you can during this time. Research the hill height beforehand, as the signage will also be within the fence.

These clues differ from most in that you enjoy your view first, then walk away from it to find the box. Take the Batona Trail (pink blazes) South where it crosses the hill. Cross a sand road and pass through a little decaying village (?). Not far beyond the motorbike trail with the red arrow blazes on the left, you will come to another sand road. Turn in the direction of the two white spots. From that tree, go down the sand road for about 10 steps less than the height of Apple Pie Hill, to a clump of mountain laurel. With your back to the baby "Quercus marylandica" on its right, sight (Batona Trail Length) degrees to a tall decaying pitch pine. The box is in its base.