Come Into My Parlor...  LbNA # 7680 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 30 2004
LocationBroad Brook, CT
Planted ByRayne    
Found By Little Hopper
Last Found Mar 15 2009
Hike Distance?

We replaced this box on the 4th of July, 2008. The book is a little weathered, but should still be stampable. THANKS!

Placed By: Rayne & Bean
At: Broad Brook Pond Park
On: March 30, 2004
Difficulty: too easy (ultra-short walk, but not stroller territory)
Distance: spitting

Find your way to I-91

Take Exit #45 (Warehouse Point/Ellington)

Turn onto Route 140 East-- from I-19 SOUTH take a LEFT; from I-91

Go straight for about 3.8 miles

Turn RIGHT onto Route 191/Main St.

Go 0.6 miles, and turn LEFT onto DEPOT ST. (you can see the pond and the parking area from here)

Turn into the parking area on your left and park your car (or bike or wagon or what have you).

From the far right side of the parking lot, there is a path that goes into the woods along the shore of the pond. Get walkin'.

Mrs. Weaver, the spider, was looking for a place to make a web. The gazebo in the park was constantly being swept, so she decided to head off into the woods. She made the trek to the first tree, but found it too close to the road. The wind would constantly wreck her beautiful creations.
So, she waited for a passer-by and hitched a ride up the path. "One step... two steps..." she counted the times that a foot hit the ground, and at 100 she jumped off. That was as high as she could count, and she didn't want to get lost. She looked left, into the pond, and saw a log jutting into the water. "Hmmm...," she thought, "That place would be great for catching flies!"
She wove and she wove, and made a beautiful web. But, after only one rain storm, her web was tattered and battered.
So, she went back to the path, and found a nice concrete marker with a metal disc and some letters written on the top. Frustrated and losing hope, she sat down on it to think. Then, from across the path, 4 big brothers beckoned to her. They were just the right distance apart, and far enough from the road, and sheltered enough from the elements, but close enough to the water and the swamp (further down the path) that she could make the best web ever.
She has been long since gone, so no fear for you arachnophobics. Please stamp discreetly and re-hide well. Happy hunting!