Trip To The Moon  LbNA # 7700

Placed DateApr 3 2004
LocationArco, ID
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Oct 11 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 11 2015

Trip to the Moon

Trail difficulty: Moderate walking. Not wheelchair accessible.

Directions: Go southwest from Arco on the highway between Arco and Carey.

Box directions: There is a fee to enter the area. After entering the area, drive to the North Crater Trail parking lot. There is a small trail made of loose cinders at the north end of the parking lot. It leads from the parking lot to an amphitheater. Go up this trail. Stop at the first large, pine tree on the right edge of the trail. There is a smaller trail leading to the northwest. Take 10 regular-sized steps up the smaller trail. You should be beside a large rock with green and grey lichens on it. There is a crevice in between this rock and the rock directly behind it. The letterbox is in this crevice, underneath a small rock. If you are at the end of the path beside a very large rock, you've gone too far.
This is a fragile ecosystem, so make sure you stay on the trails! Have fun searching!

This box was originally planted by "Kitty Kat". I adopted this box on 9/16/2010. This letterbox was found after 4 years of being in the wrong location by my neice "little lady" from New Hampshire while visiting here in Idaho. We replanted in the correct location. This is a National Monument and has a lot of traffic. Please rehide the box in the correct location to preserve it for future letterboxers.