The Hunt for Limpids  LbNA # 7707 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 20 2004
CountySt. Joseph
LocationNew Carlisle, IN
Found By Armadillo Jo
Last Found Jul 24 2004
Hike Distance?

Note: As of 10/12/05 this box has been pulled for maintenance. New clues will be posted when it is replaced.

It is said that Limpids, small, round netherworld beings with gnarly features, once inhabited this place in ancient times, while in search of their lost queen, Quivera. She had wandered away from their village of Trevale, farther to the east, while in a melancholy state, following the death of her lover Santac in battle.

It is the nature of Limpids to leave messages contained in boxes, as they could neither speak nor hear. Because of this lack, the little people were endowed by their creator with other, more unusual abilities, which they could maintain only by eating a particular food of the low earth at least once a year. This food endowed the Limpids with the ability of writing a message that would appear to the beholder in their native tongue. In this way, word of their search could travel far and wide, and the name of the food would never be lost to other Limpids.

Others, less skilled, have attempted to unravel these clues in search of the Limpids message box, and discover therein the name of the magical food. Would you dare take the chance to also be unsuccessful?


Find Spicer Lake Nature Preserve, on County Line Road, 3.5 miles north of U.S. 20, just west of New Carlisle, Indiana.

From the parking area, venture beneath a canopy and along the ribbon of darkness, to where trails converge.

Take the one less obvious, toward the land of Trevale, for elsewhere may lurk the Mogols, ancient enemy of the Limpids, and slayer of the brave Santac.

Soon, you must make another choice. Wiser heads will choose the Woodland way.

Take 170 Limpid steps (1/2 that of an ordinary human) to find the remains of a huge tree on your left. A tree, perhaps young when the Limpids passed through, but now very old, and only partially standing.

Legend relates that a box with the name of the magical food may have been left there. Be careful. And be wise.

Box checked and confirmed alive and well 7/2/5.