Treasure in My Backyard  LbNA # 7714 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2003
LocationAlpharetta, GA
Planted ByJeanene/Robert    
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This box has been removed since the park is closed.

Planted by Scooter All the Way
My Granny planted Big Boat here this morning so go there first and then continue on the yellow triangle trail, passing through a section with dock and picnic table. When you come to a viewing platform the trail is now blazed with rectangular dabs of yellow paint and is sometimes a little hard to follow. When you come to a chain link fence go left on yellow circle, left after first bridge and then right after the second bridge onto a trail marked with both white triangles and blue circles. Go left at the amphitheater onto white triangles and at the intersection with Green circles (you can see a house ahead of you) count 14 steps to find the Treasure in my Backyard behind a cut log at the base of a Sweetgum tree.Be very cautious and rehide completely covered. Thank You

Following the green circle trail will take you back to your car.