Isn't That Just Like A Cat Series  LbNA # 7716 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 4 2004
LocationWelches, OR
Found By Wander Lust
Last Found Jul 19 2006
Hike Distance?

Status: Missing - to be replaced August 2007
Hitchhiker friendly? Yes
Child friendly? Yes but check notes below
Wheelchair friendly? Park is, boxes are not
Time: 3 hours for the entire series.

Wildwood Recreation Site
Wildwood is a 560 acre day use recreation site surrounded by the forested foothills of the Cascades; the beautiful Salmon Wild and Scenic River flows through the area. The Boulder Ridge Trailhead, located in Wildwood, allows visitors access to the beautiful Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness trail system and the accessible Wildwood Wetlands Boardwalk and Cascade Streamwatch Interpretive Trails. Wildwood is located 39 miles east of Portland on U.S. Highway 26, one mile west of Welches.

What to bring:
Picnic lunch (This is a lot of walking. My 4 year old did it all with no problem but we broke it up into several shorter hikes. Bring a lunch and picnic between boxes 3 and 4 and little ones should make it with no problem.)
Blanket to lie on
Sports equipment
Letterboxing supplies of course!

On our latest trip to Wildwood a group of precious little kitty cats stowed away in the car, they all jumped out as soon as we had parked and decided they like it there better than home.

We parked just outside the main gate and we saw them dash off down the path behind the sign. Momma Kitty, who thinks she's the queen of the world, saw an unusual cedar tree. She thought it looked just like floating castle towers. She slid right down the split on the side and waited there for her subjects to bring her food. Be careful when opening Momma Kitty's box. She has a pathological need to be on the other side of any door. She will cry her fool head off until you let her in or out. (Hint: Slide the box up the split to get it out).

The rest of the group headed back to the road and walked into the park. They strolled down the middle of the road ignorning bike riders and passing cars because being cats, they KNEW they owned the whole road. They passed the turn to the group picnic sites and then took a left on the next trail. All the way up the trail Spaz Cat sniffed and scratched at every tree. She just could not be happy until she'd left her claw marks on anything standing upright. She did eventually get tired and found a 5 foot stump off the left side of the trail to curl up under.

The last 3 kitties didn't feel like taking a nap so they headed back to the road and continued on down the way. They took a left towards the Cascade Streamwatch Trail. With tails high they strutted right up to the Wetlands Trail and down the trail they went. They followed the signs all the way to the boardwalk and then lost track of where they were going. They passed a River Otter, Racoon, and Black Tailed Deer before Gizmo found his long lost cousin the Mountain Lion. Now Gizmo is certain that he's a Mountain Lion and so decided this must be his new home. He crawled under the boardwalk directly across from the bench.

The final 2 kitties followed the path back to the parking lot. They were mighty impressed with all those huge cedar stumps. You could hide a whole litter of kittens in each one. Sylvester and Muffin are picky kitties but were getting a bit tired. They found a shelter with a view of the mountain to take a rest in. (Hint: check the map). No BBQ's were burning and no one would feed them so they headed down the trail with no name directly behind the shelter. Past Frog and Mill Creeks. At the Y, Sylvester chose to have Salmon for dinner. He spied a great spot for pouncing practice and curled up under it to take a catnap. He's there behind it under some rocks.

Muffin went back the way she'd came, thinking there must be something better somewhere near. When she got to the shelter she took a right and found another trail. This one was the Old Mill Nature Trail Loop. Being a little loopy herself, this seemed fitting so she trip tropped right down the trail. She took a right, then a left. At the next deciding point she found the decisions to be too much for her poor nerves. She curled up under a log to the left of the loop.

Continue on around the trail and you'll be back where you started. Hopefully you visited all our kitties. They're good kitties, all named for kitties we've owned over the years.

Happy Hunting