Oaks Park -Carousel  LbNA # 7736

Placed DateApr 4 2004
Location???, OR
Planted ByMudstumpers    
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 10 2010
Hike Distance?

The Oaks Park letterbox

Easy, sort of.
Excellent park for the kids and dogs.

Very beautiful spring flowering trees and northwest giants. Lots of activities to occupy all ages here. Be extremely discreet, as this place is always busy.

Directions: Go to the park with the same name as one of Portland's bridges. Park the car and take a walk.

Clues: Look for a light post with doggies best friend nearby. Stand between these and take a reading of 270 degrees. Head for the tree. If you have the right tree, the Ferris Wheel is at 342 degrees and the yellow slide is at 110. Check the other side of the tree. At its base is a small hole covered by a rock and debris.