They're There  LbNA # 7737 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 3 2004
LocationDes Moines, IA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

NOTE: reported missing 3/10

This letterbox can be found at Maffit Lake. Watch for the family of Bald Eagles that is known to frequent this area. You might not spot them today but they’re there!

To the trailhead:
from I-35 take exit 68. On 35th St. go right (not toward Walnut Woods SP ) to Maffit Lake Rd. Turn right and go to the first park entrance on the left. Pull in and follow the paved road to a Y, dividing around a group of ghostly white sentinels. Begin your search here.

To the letterbox:
Find Cramer, who met his Waterloo in '72. Don't let his wet exit dampen your enthusiasm. Perhaps it will whet your appetite for the hunt. Bid him farewell and you will fare well if you take the road at 260 degrees. Pass through a southern gate where you can take a mustang but Mustangs are forbidden. Don't pine when you pass the pines. Watch for a large aggregation of aggregate on the right. Around the next bend, the point is to find the point where your compass points to a signpost of weathered grain at 200 degrees and to an outpost where they might grow grain at 340 degrees. Pare down the possibilites of where to look by finding a pair of trunks at 130 degrees. Go up, your feat will be accomplished when you reach the feet of this tree. Spot a letterbox in this spot!

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