Songbird Key  LbNA # 7753

Placed DateApr 8 2004
LocationKey Largo, FL
Found By2-2 wheelers (Attempted)
Last UpdateJan 23 2014

Very short walk over rocky, weedy ground.
last verified 12/24/08

“Songbird Key” exists only within the plastic walls of this letterbox, but I thought it was such a pretty name, there *should* be a spot in the Keys called this (kind of like “Kokomo”).

The mile marker at which this box can be found is 94, on the ocean side, which will be on your right, going northbound. For the name of the preserve, solve the following:

D _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ H _ _ _ _ _ _

* * * First word: A kind of bird, or a kind of ice cream bar.
* * * Second word: A small stream, or a group of Native American tribes from parts of Georgia, Alabama and Florida.
* * * Third word: A hanging cot of cloth or netting suspended between two trees or other supports, or a tract of forested land elevated above the level of an adjacent marsh.

When you’ve located the spot, park just off the road. The gates into the area are chained shut, and there’s no formal parking area, but local residents assure me that that’s to prevent the cars’ impact on the area, and it’s okay to climb over (or under) the gates to visit the area.

After you’ve read about the area at the kiosk, follow the trail that starts off to your right. You’ll pass a small rock wall, and then a pipe sticking out of a block of cement on your right side.

Keep the woods on your right for a short distance until you see a collection of concrete slabs, slightly to your left. As you draw abreast of this Find the cinderblock. The Songbird box lies inside, behind a rock.