Riverside Redux (revised)  LbNA # 7757

Ownerlucy & eccentrics    
Placed DateApr 6 2004
LocationAsheville, NC
Found By SL
Last Found Jul 14 2013
Hike Distance?

6/17/11 Update: The clues have been slightly revised since it went missing from the spot and with invasion of poison ivy the site was no longer suitable. Hoping this will
be it final resting place.

Difficulty of clues: Medium to Diffy, depending on knowledge of local lore and how well you paid attention in school.
Difficulty of Walk: Easy
Box Size: Small
Foot Traffic: People come and go here, though it is usually pretty quiet. Please use discretion and observe appropriate
behavoiur for the area.

You will need a one penny, a flower, a stamp pad and the more usual letterboxing equipment. Wipes are encouraged.

Now on with the clues.

Be warned, all of your guides will have their due
Skip not a step, follow every cue
Or one might put a curse on this quest and you!

This story begins by the side of the concrete river where old Vance
rests his bones. Our hero has returned, refusing to be defeated,
understanding that things are not always as they seem, remembering
some he will meet on his quest will aid and others distract.
This is a tricky lot resting here!
Taking a hint from Zeb he goes to see Houseworth, but Houseworth
only points the way to Patton. Patton then brings to
mind Johnston. But Johnston is cursed and cannot speak. He
nods in the direction of Mr. Baird. But Baird is shy and
mumbles. Our hero can only make out the words "battle"
and "navy crosses". Looking around our hero spots the
crosses. Porter is your man he hears the wind whisper.
William Porter the trees rustle. Why does that seem so
familiar? In a flash he remembers and follows five sets
of eight or seven to this Porter and leaves him a tip (penny).
Porter then whispers "go see Tom" "Tom? But there
are so many Tom's!" our hero exclaims. Porter shakes his
head and sighs "Have you forgotten where you are?"
Tom's clue is enigmatic, as always, "You must turn from me!You will be lead by three little children and a wee boy.
Eleanor's lamb then points the way" Soon our hero finds
these little ones, but before continuing his search he leaves a blossom for those sweet buds. The children brighten with his small gift and sing "seek a man with 'many virtues and few faults'. Our man of virtue
gives you this clue, "past Davis find 'our precious
darling'" From there do you spy the hemlock shrouded
stone? This curious and shy fellow turns his back on
his fellows and hides his face in the shade. Oh,
and see his name, its sound vaguely calls to mind another
literary treasure hunt; Mr. Poe's that is. But this spot is too poisonous to hide our booty, unless we want to be itchy and grumpy. Stride past the Woods to the hero of the Battle of the Bulge, an name that should be familiar. In the ivy, the sort not poisonous unless ingested, find the a wee canister with your treat.