House of Peace  LbNA # 7763 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerJ Walkers    
Placed DateApr 4 2004
LocationTrussville, AL
Found By willys ranch 4
Last Found Feb 28 2010
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by Zed (4/4/2004)and adopted by the J Walkers (11/24/06).

House of Peace

Replanted 12/23/2006
Retired 07/03/15 Box gone, tree broken.

This box was originally planted by Zed at Jefferson Memorial Gardens in Trussville. We adopted the box in November 2006, and gave it a safer home. The original stamp (carved by Zed) remains, but the location is completely new. So you may want to find this one again even if you had found it before.
To find this box, first find Trussville Sports Complex. There is a utility access road to the southwest of the tennis courts. Turn on this road and drive until you see a large group of rocks on your left, and a blue “caution water pipeline” sign on your right. Park there.
Walk towards the rocks. You are looking for the largest rock. This rock has a large tree behind it, with a smaller rock shaped like an arrowhead leaning against it. The arrowhead is at the north end of a large flat rock. Standing on the south end of the flat rock with a tree to your immediate right go straight 8 feet to a slender tree with a basket hole in the base. Inside the basket you will find the “House of Peace” under 2 rocks.
After stamping and rehiding, continue driving on the access road to the bottom of the hill and turn around. You should be able to find this box even if there are a lot of games going on at the sports complex.

There are a lot of walking trails here. We have added more boxes here on the trails when we came to visit family. :) You must find 10 boxes on AQ b4 those clues will appear :) Incentive for you to find more & to log your finds :). Remember to seal all baggies & to hide as well as you found it.

Elevation Gain: 5 feet