Swan Valley  LbNA # 778

Placed DateApr 12 2003
Location(between Idaho Falls and Jackson, WY), Swan Valley, ID
Found By redie9
Last Found May 10 2011
Hike Distance?

This was the first box I ever planted. Unfortunately, it went missing shortly after that, but I just couldn't let it die so I recarved the original stamp and changed the location. It was replanted on 7/1/04.

Difficulty: easy

Swan Valley is a beautiful little drive, midway between Idaho Falls, ID and Jackson Hole, WY. Keep your eyes out for wildlife, as it is abundant. This is also big fishing country, so bring a rod. If you are coming in from the Idaho side you will also get a nice view of miles and miles of those famous potato fields. If you want to be true to the area-local custom dictates that everyone stops for a square ice cream cone at the Rainey Creek gas station (3.5 miles past the letterbox spot on Hwy 26). If you want to be really true to the area, try the huckleberry-my favorite. This station sells hundreds of thousands of cones on holiday weekends. I have even stopped in the middle of December when we went to cut down our Christmas tree (another local tradition) and sat outside with a large group of strangers in temps way below freezing as we all ate our ice cream and compared each other's Christmas tree finds. (only in Idaho!)

From Idaho Falls follow highway 26. You will reach your turnoff spot in about 30 minutes. Just before the road goes over the Snake River, you will see a sign that points to Falls Creek Road and Campground. Turn right on that dirt road. (The road is actually called Snake River Road, but the sign for Falls Creek Road is easier to spot from the highway.)

1.3 miles up the dirt road, you will go over a small bridge with a wooden fence next to it. As soon as you pass the creek, there is a pulloff area you can park a car in-pass it and go to the next pulloff (right after it, on the left side of the road). Park there and go up to the Falls Creek Waterfall sign. Starting there, walk 45 paces (2 step) down the road, staying on the left side of the road. On your left is a small trail to a very large rock. On the north corner of the rock, against the trail, look under the rock. The letterbox is wedged up under the rock behind smaller rocks.

Please be sure to hedge it in again and replace the rocks too, so it won't be visible. Hope you enjoy the waterfall and the valley! When you are done continue on Highway 26 for another 34 miles to find the Elk Reserve Letterbox (WY).