Who Is He?  LbNA # 7798

Placed DateMar 15 2004
Location???, ID
Planted ByLoriDarlin    
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 23 2008
Hike Distance?

Description: Easy once you figure out Who He Is!!

Who Is He? Clues

In the small town of _ _ _ _ _ _ _, he waits for you to find him. He is a famous _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ player from a small town in Idaho. Once you figure out his name then you will have to research to find the road named after him. Right before this road there is a bridge. Cross it and then directly after that is his personally named road. Take it to the right. Drive until you see the first No Tresspassing sign (right after the first house & property), at the first spot shortly after that pull off the right side of the road and park (by the water). From this spot go to the 3rd large tree by the road (of 4 in a row) and look up high for your letterbox. Please replace as found.

Good luck!!

[Owners note: Checked on 9-15-04 and Letterbox is still doing well]