Allegheny National Forest letterboxes  LbNA # 7811

Placed DateJul 31 2000
LocationMinister Road, Cherry Grove, PA
Planted Bybryan    
Found By mistyriver
Last Found May 2 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 16 2015

Allegheny National Forest Letterboxes

No compass is needed for these boxes… they are easy to find.
This is the only box left from a series of Pennsylvania Wildlife stamps. The stamps are hand carved.
The boxes in this series are: Spring Peeper
Box 1: Spring Peeper

This box is easy. It is only 110 yards from the road on the North Country Trail.

On Route 62 near the Allegheny River is a small town called Tionesta, PA.
Going East from Route 62 is a road called 666. Follow Route 66 to State Road 2001 (Minister Road). Drive North towards Cherry Grove. The North Country Trail crosses Minister Road about 2 miles up the hill. Walk west on the trail about 100 yards. The trail bears left at this point and a short logging road bears right.
Bear right.
Follow the logging road about 25 feet to a big clearcut. Look left and down. There is a tree with an un-natural looking pile of rocks at its base. The rocks conceal a hollow in the bottom of the tree.
Be careful! There have been little green bees in there in the past. The box is in there.

Stamp up and replace the rocks!