Betty C. Birthday  LbNA # 7861 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 10 2004
LocationColumbia, SC
Found By Camping Traveler
Last Found Apr 28 2012
Hike Distance?

On April 9, 1924, Betty C. was born. Friends and family celebrated her 80th birthday with a picnic at Saluda Shoals Park, a beautiful 300 acre regional park on the Saluda River. To commemorate the occasion, a letterbox was hidden with a stamp of her favorite bird.

Directions and park amenities can be found at:
Admission: $4 per car or mini-van for ICRC residents, $5 car or mini-van for non-residents $6 per 12+ passenger van, $10 per bus

From the Paw Paw shelter, go down the wooden steps toward the river and continue left onto the Nature Trail. Follow the Nature Trail to a fork. At the fork, go off-trail at 11 o'clock for 10 paces. Find the box hidden behind a large tree (Slippery Elm?) under leaves and sticks. Please add your birthday wishes to the book.

06/27/05 Update from recent "finder": It appears that a new wide sidewalk has been placed crossing the location of your "fork" that you mentioned in your clue. We found it, but the paved sidewalk made it somewhat confusing. You might could say, "When you reached the paved walk, 10 paces at 11:00."

10/07/06 Note from recent "finder": We found the box today. It was a great trip and a perfect day. The temperatures were low thankfully because when my husband picked up the box, there was a copperhead keeping warm just underneath it. It was too cold for it to move much so our kids got a great look at what a copperhead looks like. My husband very gently returned the box after we got our stamp and left the snake warm. Watch out finders.