Placed DateApr 17 2004
LocationSlade/ SE of Lexington, KY
Found By dtkpmom
Last Found Jun 9 2009
Hike Distance?


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Letterbox doing fine as of Spring 2005.
From the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway, take the Slade Exit/Natural Bridge. Turn North to the intersection then turn West on Rt. 15 North. Check your odometer.....Go 1.3 miles and turn right on to Rt.77 across an old concrete bridge and under the parkway. Wind your way up hill 2 miles to the Historic Nada Tunnel. Stop and look for oncoming headlights and take turns passing through this old one lane tunnel. Wind your way back down into the Red River Gorge. Cross the Iron Bridge and proceed to the intersection. Turn right on Rt.715 towards "Glady". Wind through the gorge....look at the river and the skyline for some beautiful views. Watch for the sign and turn right on the gravel road to the "Sheltowee Trace Suspension Bridge" parking area. Park and stretch your legs....pick up your compass and stamp pad.....maybe a wildflower ID book too. Get ready for a casual hike of about 1/10th mile along the river. From the lot, take a bearing of about 110* and follow the sandy under and step your step...proceed to the foot of the bridge. Face away from the river. Take a bearing of 210* and step 2 and 1/2 paces (two steps to a pace). You'll be standing in front of a small wooden sign for backpackers. Take a precise bearing of 248* (probably sight the tree) and take 19 paces up the hill at an angle over a crop of large stones laying flat. You will see an obvious tree growing ON TOP of a very large boulder shaped like a muffin. It also has a big loose vine that goes to the top. Follow the long root up the right side of the rock to the base of the tree. Watch your footing! On the side of the tree, away from the river, at the base, in a hole, under some leaves, lies the "RED RIVER GORGEOUS" letterbox. Please re-hide it with some leaves.....Now go play on the suspension bridge, watch for canoes and kayaks on the river. Hike back out. Exit the parking lot to the right and visit the herd of Bison at Glady, visit the new welcome center and get a map to visit some of the rocks and overlooks. Across the parkway is Natural Bridge which can be accessed by a fun skylift ride. Bring your camera! Enjoy one of Kentucky's best areas for outdoor recreation!

Shoot me an email if you find everything in good order and tell me about your trip.

Note to climbers and rappellers......1200+ published routes within a 5 mile radius!!!! Yeeee Hawww! Check in at Miguel's Pizza for the info.

Have a nice outing!!!! "LETSRACE"

Checked on the box Oct.9, 2005 Still there and doing fine, Just a bit damp but still log and stamp ready!...LETSRACE